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CH:14 Nervous System

Amanda Stumbaugh

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6.condition in which there is lack of the sensation of pain
9.acts as a supporting tissue
12.2nd largest part of the brain
14.abnormal slowness of motion
15.specialized knoblike branch ending
18.cause contractions in muscles and secretions from glands and organs
20.controls vision part of the brain
23.physician who specializes in the science of anesthesia
24.consists of unsheathed cell bodies and true dendrites
25.dura, hand
26.pertaining to within the skull
27.inability to remain still
28.surgical excision of a portion of the skull
29.lack of memory condition
30.AKA somesthetic area and the site for interpretation
1.Central nervous system
2.collection of nerve fibers
3.connects the pons and the rest of the brain to the spinal cord
4.inflammation of the spinal cord
5.single elongated process
7.are located entirely within the CNS
8.located below the cerebrum and above the pons
10.glue, tumor
11.loss or lack of the ability to eat or swallow
13.inflammation of the meninges of the spinal cord or brain
16.peripheral nervous system
17.sensation part of the brain
19.nerve cell
21.composed of myelinated nerve fibers
22.pertaining to below the dura mater

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