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CH:13 Endocrine System

Amanda Stumbaugh

1 2 3
4                                 5
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      22   23              
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          26 27          

4.hypersecretion or inadequate use of insulin
7.ovaries have these hormones
9.regulates carbohydrate, metabolism, anti-inflammatory effect; helps body cope
11.tumor of a gland
13.essential to life due to it's secretion of a group of hormones
14.normal activity of the thyroid gland
15.are in charge of these hormones: ADH and Oxytocin
17.secrete hormones glucagon
19.synthesizes, secretes, and stores catecholamines ex: dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine
21.AKA hypothysis, it's the master gland and has regulatory effects on other endocrine glands
23.pathological condition of premature old age occurring in childhood
24.produces melatonin
27.secretes the hormone gastrin which stimulates gastric acid secretion
29.secrete the hormone insulin
30.promotes growth development and maintenance of the female sex organs
1.hypersecretion of cortisol
2.maintains normal serum calcium AKA Islets of langerhans
3.small cluster of cells located within the pancreas
5.plays a vital tole in the metabolism
6.are in charge of these hormones: GH, ACTH, TSH, FSH, LH, PRL, MSH
8.pertaining to a gland
10.helps regulate in the release of gonadotropin and controls body pigmentation
12.a collection of specialized cells that are located in the lower central part of the brain
16.acts as a vasoconstrictor, vasopressor, and neurotransmitter
18.study of the endocrine system
20.any disease of an adrenal gland
22.containing separate vascular systems of the mother, it produces chronic gonadtropin hormone, estrogen, and progesterone
25.substance of hormone that promotes the development of male characteristics
26.promotes growth development and maintenance of the male sex organs
28.condition of excessive acidity of bodily fluids

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