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CH:11 Respiratory

Amanda Stumbaugh

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2.total lung capacity
5.condition of difficulty in speaking
7.difficulty in breathing
8.spitting up blood
10.process of smelling
12.produces vocal sounds
14.condition in which the 2 plates of the skull that form the roof of the mouth are not completely joined
19.indentation of the left lung
21.narrow slit at the opening between the true vocal folds
22.pertaining to a small air sac in the lungs
23.pus in the body cavity
25.serves as a passageway for air and food
26.inflammation of the larynx
27.below, deficient, oxygen condition
28.Expiratory reserve volume
29.good or normal breathing
1.process in which the lungs are ventilated and oxygen and carbon dioxcide are exchanged between the air within the lungs and the blood within the capillaries of the alveoli
2.AKA the adam's apple
4.accessory organs of the lymphatic system and aid in the filtering bacteria and other foreign substances
6.provides a passageway for air to and from the lungs
9.bring air into intimate contact with blood so that oxygen and carbon dioxide can be exchanged in the alveoli
11.excessive or rapid breathing
13.substance formed in the lung that regulates the amount of surface tension of the fluid lining the alveoli
15.incision into the chest wall
16.amount of air in a single inspiration and expiration
17.pain in the pleura
18.serves as an air passageway and warms/moistens inhaled air
20.lack of pulse condition
24.provides and open passageway for air to and from the lungs

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