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CH: 1,2,3 for Med Term 2

Amanda Stumbaugh

1                   2   3
6               7         8  
  11   12  
    13   14                  
15       16            
        17   18  
      19     20              
23   24         25        
27         28          

1.unequal in size or shape
5.word root to which a vowel has been added
6.abnormally slow heartbeat defined as less than 60 BPM
9.two, fork, use, action
10.rapid, fast
14.pertaining to the nose or lip
15.formation of a bad kind ex: malignant tumor
18.abbreviation for cardiovascular
19.he is called the father of medicine
21.bad, difficult, abnormal
22.Subjective Objective Assessment Plan
23.means binding
25.serum,clear fluid, pale fluid
26.abbreviation for biopsy
27.means slow
28.to fasten on, beneath, or under
2.surgical puncture of the amniotic sac to obtain a sample of amniotic fluid containing fetal cells that are examined
3.Beats Per Minute
4.means difficulty breathing
6.means short
7.word or word element from which other words are formed
8.marks placed over or under vowels to indicate the long or short sound of the vowel
11.pertaining to a state
12.to use the hands or fingers to examine by touch, to feel
13.small, scanty, little
16.resemble of a female, pelvis is the normal shape of the birth canal that allows for the exit of the average fetus
17.means to record
20.to fix or to fix to
23.a weight, mark, or record
24.good, normal

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