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Snorlax Knowledge Crossword!!!


A crossword to test your knowledge of Snorlax! Please do not use any means of cheating (i.e Bulbapedia)

2 3        
4       5 6      
9                     10    
11   12    
13             14              
          15 16    
20     21  
22                   23          

3.The only Poison-Type move Snorlax can learn
4.The Amount of Hm's Snorlax can learn in Gen 5
5.Snorlax is the only Gen 1 pokemon to have this pokedex color
7.This Pokemon is Snorlax's pre-evolution
9.Snorlax is next to this fossil pokemon in the pokedex
10.This person owns a Snorlax in the Anime
13.Snorlax's Species
15.The only breeding move Snorlax could learn in Gen 2
17.Snorlax was the heaviest Pokemon until this Generation
19.When you run away from or defeat Snorlax in R/B/Y/G and FR/LG, it returns to here
22.What Snorlax was eating in the episode "Snack Attack!"
23.Snorlax can only learn this move in Generation 1
24.When you transfer it to the Pal Park, it is found here
25.Snorlax's Pokedex Number
1.The category Snorlax is in in the Pokemon FR/LG Pokedex
2.Snorlax's type
6.Snorlax holds this item when caught (Except in FR/LG)
8.Snorlax are found in this region sleeping in inconvenient locations
11.This is Snorlax's Hidden Ability
12.This item is needed to awaken a sleeping Snorlax
14.This is Snorlax's highest-powered level up move
16.Snorlax Learns this Steel-Type move but only in Gen 4
18.Snorlax will stay asleep until it wants to do this
20.Snorlax learns this move by Tm but only in Gen 2
21.a Snorlax doll is seen in this person's room in "Pokemon-I Choose You!"

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