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Amber Appel

1           2                   3    
  8     9  
    12             13  
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1.The way the body is set with palms facing up and feet spread slighty apart.
5.A type of reaction that breaks bonds releasing energy.
7.When the positiong of a body part is higher or toward the head.
10.When atoms combine they form a...
11.A cut that would divide the body into anterior and posterior parts.
12.A type of reaction that forms bonds storing energy.
14.When the body is in a state of equilibrium.
15.Shows that the body part is away from the middle of the body.
17.Front side of the body. Stomach.
19.The study of the structure and shape of the body.
20.Shows that the body part is toward the middle of the body.
22.A cut across the body (horizontal).
23.Back side of the body. Back.
24.Close to the attached end of a limb or the origin of a structure.
2.The ___________ is otherwise know as the skin.
3.When the position of a body part is lower or near the tail end of the body.
4.This cut forms a straight line down the body (vertical).
6.The study of how the body works or functions.
8.All of the chemical reactions that occur in the body.
9.________ bond gives and takes electrons.
13.________ bond shares electrons.
16.Back side of the body. Tail end.
18.An acid-base scale ranging from 0 to 14.
19.Front side of the body. Head end.
21.Farthest from the point of attachment of a limb or the origin of a structure.

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