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General Pokemon Knowledge


This is a Crossword on General Pokemon Knowledge. Please do not use any ways of cheating (I.e. Bulbapedia). Please note that there is no Punctuation or Spaces in the answers.

3           4        
7 8        
9   10           11              
13 14                              
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  20     21  
  26           27

3.This pokemon was the first Pure Ghost-Type
5.This is the only Dragin-Type move that was in Gen 1
8.The Generation that Outrage was introduced in
9.This was the only Dragon-Type introduced in Generation 2
11.This pokemon is number #446 in the National dex
14.Season 3 of the pokemon anime was called this
15.The country Pokemon is made in
16.This Elemental type is not Super-Effective to anything
18.This pokemon is the 2nd evolution of the ice-cream evolution line
19.There has been a Gym leader or Elite four member that specilizes in this type every Generation
21.The amount of cards you need in a full Pokemon TCG deck
23.The Episode Ash caught Snorlax
25.This Pokemon is the heaviest non-legendary pokemon
26.In the Anime, Ash caught 30 of this pokemon
28.The two regions in G/S/C and HG/SS
29.The english name for the latest Sping-Off game
1.The season ash went to Hoenn
2.This pokemon's species is "Legendary Pokemon"
4.Jessie & James let Arbok & Weezing go in this episode (Crys)
6.Winona owns a Shiny one of these in the Anime
7.This person somehow got ten badges in Kanto, despite only being 8 gyms
10.This is the only shiny pokemon to be owned by ash
12.This is the name of the first Movie
13.The Pre-Evolution of Chansey
17.This bug/steel type has the same Base stat total as its pre-evolution
19.Ash has had this pokemon since episode 1
20.In the anime, everyone gets this persons name wrong
22.This pokemon's evolution line has the highest level evolution
24.This ship sunk in the Anime
27.The Pokemon Trading Card game was released on to Game Boy Color in this year

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