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3.The first name of the Myall Stages Event Secretary
6.Number of rounds of the Clubman Series that were conducted
8.first name of the outright champion co-driver
11.the webmaster of nswrally.com
12.Winning vehicle of the clubman rally series
13.outright champion driver
16.The surname of the Clerk of Course of the Bathurst Rally
17.Vehicle make that won class C3
18.Club which conducted the 1st round of the Clubman Rally Series - initials
19.Club that conducted 2 rounds of the Rallysprint Series - initials
21.headquarters town of the Myall Stages Rally
23.driver winner of the Barry Furgeson Trophy
24.Number of rounds won by the outright winner driver
1.The town where the 1st round of the State Rally Championship was held
2.Vehicle make of the 2nd outright Clubman placegetter
4.Chairman of the NSW Rally Panel 2011- surname
5.first name of the 2nd outright driver in the Excel Series
7.Vehicle make of the winer of the Barry Furgeson Trophy
9.The number of rounds of the State Championship
10.Where the National Capital Raly was held
14.Sponsor of the Excel Series
15.winning driver class P3 - surname
20.number of females who won their class
22.surname of 2nd placed driver in rallysprint series

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