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Law-Chapter 23

1         2
4                       5
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  10             11  

1.A place of refuge
4.Where one comes into a country via border (3 wrds)
6.A person of 3 years or more who applies for citizenship
10.These people came to Canada because of a potato crop failure in the 1840's
12.Tourists from certain countries need this before coming to Canada (2-wrds)
13.A document that indicates country of citizenship
14.Louis XIV arranged the transport of 800 of these...
2.A country with several immigrant groups living within its borders
3.This is used by immigration officers to assess those coming into Canada (2-wrds)
5.In 1945-1967, he announced a new immigration policy that would attract new immigrants.
7.Without authority (2 wrds)
8.A charge for Chinese for entering Canada (2 wrds)
9.Arrest and delivery of a fugitive
11.A person who seeks landing

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