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Enterprise Architecture Definitions

Leo de Sousa

A crossword puzzle for basic Enterprise Architecture terminology and definitions

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3               4        
  6 7         8
      9 10  
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  16   17  

1.___ State is the Target Architecture
2.Strategy and Legislation
3.is the key role for an Enterprise Architect
5.Architecture ____ researches, creates, tests and deploying EA models
7.___ State is the Current Architecture
11.approval of technology and its accurate representation in the architecture
12.a discussion regarding how the new idea may change the architecture
13.Information and Data
15.cultivating peer and vendor partnerships
16.Processes and Procedures
18.___ Architecture defines the business needs of the enterprise
19.Events and Cycles
1.___ Architecture defines the supporting technology needed to provide and environment for applications that manage the data and support the business functions
2.Organizations and People
4.___ Architecture defines what applications are needed to support the business functions
6.lists the work packages that will realize the To-Be State
8.___ State is the Interim Architecture
9.EA ___ guide decision making and alignment planning
10.involvement on architecture design and alignment
14.___ Architecture defines what data is needed to support the business functions
17.Locations and Networks

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