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Solar System Vocabulary

Mrs. Harris

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4.a small rocky object that moves around the sun
8.a group of objects in space that move around a central star
10.a large object that moves around a star
12.an unscrewed space vehicle that carries cameras, instruments, and other research tools
14.the planets closest to the sun; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
16.an object that moves around another object in space; the moon is a satellite of the Earth
1.planets which are large spheres made up mostly of gases; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
2.a device people use to observe distant objects with their eyes
3.the motion of a planet or other object as it turns on its axis
5.the movement of any object in an orbit, such as Earth moving around the sun
6.one of the different shapes the moon seems to have as it orbits around Earth
7.the planets farthest from the sun; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
9.a small mass of dust and ice that orbits the sun
11.an imaginary line which runs through both poles of a planet
13.the motion of a planet or other object as it turns on its axis
15.a huge, burning sphere of gases; for example, the sun

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