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2.Another word for surround. Air is a gas that is all ________ you.
6.The brightest object in the night sky. The Earth’s gravity holds on to in. It pulls the oceans to create tides.
7.The physical power to do something. Do you have the _____________ t o lift a bus?
9.A word that describe a push up. The wind can ________ a kite into the air.
12.A difficult direction to ride a bike or walk because of the Earth's gravitational pull.
1.A force that all mass has. The greater the mass an object has, the greater the pull.
3.A force that moves an object away from itself
4.A power or energy that pushes or pulls
5.The prefix of this word means “not.” The root word means “to see.”
8.The planet you on which you live. I live on planet _________.
10.The rise and fall of the ocean caused by the moon
11.A force that brings things to itself. Also the force you use when playing tug-of-war

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