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Computer Terminology

Teresa J. Wouters

Use the definitions to determine the word.

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5.The background image of a display screen, on which windows, icons, and other graphical items are seen.
6.Is an expansion card that allows computers to talk to each other.
8.It takes what you see on the computer and copies it onto paper.
10.Long, flat bands that contain electrical wiring.
14.Are the places on the outside of the computer case where you plug in hardware (printer, mouse, monitor, etc.). On the inside of the case, they are connected to expansion cards.
17.The mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system.
18.Is hidden insdie the computer. Stores information that you save on your computer. (2 Words)
21.letters, numbers, and punctuation marks on a keyboard.
22.computers are made of many electronic c_________ or parts that each have a special job and they all work together to make your computer operate.
23.Uses ink to print. (2 Words)
25.Reads information off of storage disks. (2 Words)
28.Output devices that allow you to hear sound from your computer.
30.Short for Universal Serial Bus. It is a connection standard used by all sorts of devices like scanners, flash drives, cameras, and more. to be easily connected to a computer.
32.copies a picture or document into the computer.
34.attached to the Motherboard, these each have a specific purpose. (2 Words)
35.electronic device that provides a path for electrical current to flow.
36.allows you to move your finger across a pressure sensitive pad and press to click
1.A bright, usually blinking, movable indicator on a display, marking the position at which a character can be entered, corrected, or deleted.
2.Short for Digital Video Disk
3.Short for Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
4.Contains special circuits for operating the computer's sound. (2 Words)
7.It looks a lot like a TV and allows you to see what you and the computer are doing together.
9.Stands for Random Access MEmory. This chip reads and writes but forgets everything you told it unless you save what your wrote.
11.Uses laser to print. (2 Words)
12.is the largest circuit board and has many smaller boards plugged into it; and holds the most important parts of the computer.
13.Houses all the important computer components; such as: video card, sound card and expansion card. (2 Words)
15.takes electricity from your house and converts it into a current that works for your computer. (2 Words)
16.Stands for Basic Input Output System. This ship wakes up the computer when you turn it on and reminds it what parts it has and what they do.
19.when you draw on this, with a special pen, the drawing appears on the screen (2 Words)
20.has a special 'ball' that allows you to roll it around on a pad or desk and move the cursor around on a screen.
21.Stands for Central Processing Unit. Like a brain, it controls information and tells other parts what to do.
24.Handles graphics that are displayed on the monitor. (2 Words)
26.By clicking on the buttons, you give the computer directions on what to do.
27.Pressing the keys tells the computer what to do or what to write.
29.Stands for Read Only Memory. Is good at remembering but cannot change its mind. It holds information that is built into it. Like a library book, lots of information is there but you can't change it.
31.There are several ways to get new information or i____ into a computer.
33.Short for Compact Disk - ReWritable.

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