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Alkaline Earth Metals

Alex Berrill

Concerning the Group II elements - AEM is the abbreviation of Alkaline Earth Metals

1 2
3       4                      

3.Calcium oxide reacts vigorously with water to form this (2 Words)
5.AEM's react with acids to give a salt plus this
6.What an AEM forms when reacting with steam
9.AEM's are a good conductor of this (11)
10.AEM's are a good conductor of this (4)
11.Used in indigestion remedies and toothpaste as a neutraliser of acid (2 Words)
1.AEM's react with this to form a metal oxide only
2.Used on acidic soil to reduce the acidity (3 Words)
3.Group II carbonates decompose to form a metal oxide and this (2 Words)
4.The type of bonding that all Group II elements form
7.Unless the anion is coloured, this (or colourless) is the colour of Group II compounds
8.What an AEM forms when reacting with cold water

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