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AS Research Methods

L Hillman

1 2
7 8                      

3.A sampling procedure that involves using whatever participants are available at the time.
5.A measure of dispersion which is the distance between the highest and lowest value in the data sample.
6.The process of making a test or procedure the same for everyone so that results can be compared to each other.
8.A smaller version of a larger study that is conducted to prepare for that study and ‘iron out’ any problems.
9.A statistical measure of a tests consistency, or an ability to result in similar scores if given repeatedly.
12.A method of written data collection that may form the basis of a research study.
13.The variable in an experiment that is manipulated or compared.
15.Statistical technique used to determine if a test is actually measuring what it is intended to measure.
1.A research design that assesses the effects of development (maturation) by using the same subjects over an extended period of time.
2.An experimental design whereby the same participants are used for each condition.
4.A prediction about the relationship between two or more variables.
7.Any factor which has the potential to influence another factor in a research study.
10.A measure of central tendency determined by adding all scores together and dividing by the number of scores.
11.A measure of central tendency that uses the middle most occurring score in a distribution.
14.The variable in an experiment that is measured; the outcome of an experiment.

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