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Healthy Relationships/Sexual Harassment

Rachel Albino

This is crossword puzzle that uses terms that discuss, define, or explain healthy relationships and sexual harassment.

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1._________ or other drugs are commonly involved in date rape situations.
8.When physical contact of a sexual nature is forced on a person.
10.Hitting, Slapping-Form of Abuse
13.The name of the movie we watched in class about Bobby and Stacey.
15.Put-downs, Making fun of-Form of Abuse
17.Rape, Assult-Form of Abuse
18.Jealousy is a quality of an __________ relationship.
19.Should feel good, warm, flattering, and comfortable.
20.Form of abuse all others are tied into
2.An environment that is intimidating, uncomfortable, or offensive.
3.Most assaults and rapes are not reported to the ________.
4.Harassment can take place in any kind of __________.
5.Sexual harassment can take place in any __________.
6.Victims of rape or assault often feel that is their _______, even though it's not.
7.When sexual intercourse is forced on a person.
9.Defined by the target.
11.Gestures, Cartoons-Form of Abuse
12.This for that.
14.Calling inappropriate names-Form of Abuse
16.An example of a quality that is __________ in a relationship is trust.

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