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E Commerce

Austin Crump

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4.Exchange of goods and services between businesses.
10.The entire process of a pre-sales, sales and service relationship with a customer.
11.Process whereby computers can trade information between each other directly without the assistance of a third party network.
14.A Website's official statement of the type of information collected on a site, how the information will be used, how the person can access this data, and the steps for having the data removed.
15.Unique merchant identification number that is used in conjunction with all transactions
19.A special account where money from credit card sales is first routed and held before transfer to your own business account.
20.These are mainly "virtual" storefronts which act as a catalogue of products and usually include a "shopping cart" system to enable consumers to purchase online with the use of credit cards
22.Computer that allows communications between networks
23.Online resource that collects data from a variety of sources and acts as a middleman between those distributing the information and people who want the information
24.Buying and selling of goods,ect over the World Wide Web.
25.Small text files stored on your computer when visiting a site.
1.Third party company that issues digital certificates.
2.Special servers that utilize encryption to prevent unauthorized users from intercepting and reading a message that passes through its system under certain circumstances to allow evaluation.
3.Each visit to a web site by one person; usually "ended" when all pages have been closed or after a specific time of inactivity.
5.Software that keeps track of items a visitor chooses to buy from your site until they proceed to the "checkout.”
6.Refers to a specific group of people who work from home or in very small companies.
7.Process of transforming data into a type that prevents casual observers from deciphering.
8.Software that is distributed at no cost that can be used for free for a specific period of time
9.Software/hardware used to prevent unauthorized access from a computer system or network of computer systems
11.Independent organizations that verify if an online company‘s Privacy Statement is verifiable and accurate.
12.The amount of time a web site is available.
13.Where two companies identify a partnership between them through one company displaying its logos, color schemes etc.
16.A form of payment that deducts funds directly from your own standard checking account.
17.Refers to an application that with very few adjustments is ready for use, such as a remotely hosted shopping cart service.
18.An application that displays how the resulting page will look as it is being developed by the user in which the screen displays what the end result will look like while the document is being created o
21.When a transaction is debited against a merchant account in cases of refunds and fraud; usually attracts a fee that is debited against the merchant.

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