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Earth and Mars

Clara and Dylan

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1.Earth is the __ largest planet.
3.Earth is the___ planet from the sun.
4.It takes Earth _____ hours to rotate on it's axsis.
7.Earth is ____ covered with ocean.
8._____________ may have held life long, long, ago.
9.Mars has __________ moons.
14.Earth has an atmosphere that protects it from meteors.
15.Mars has _________ rich.
19.The Earth was in it's last present position in the ______ at the beginning of the Dinosaurs.
20.Mars is most likley to hold life besides _________.
21.Mars has polar ice and ____________.
22.Mars is the ___________ planet from the sun.
23.They also belive that the dryness of the soil the chemistry prevent __________ on Mars
24.The first official satilite of Earth was ___________.
2.Mars has the largest volcano in the solar system called _________.
4.Water ice was found on Mars on June _________.
5.It takes Earth _______ days to rotate around the sun.
6.Earth ___ support life.
10.Earth's ________ hold the most life.
11.Mars is most like _________ than any other planet.
12.Mars is known as the ___________.
13.Earth is the largest of the inner planets.
16.Earth's atmosphere is mostly made of ___ and nitrogen.
17.Earth is the only planet with _______ water.
18._______ is the only planet that is known to have life.

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