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When The Legends Die chapters 17-21


5     6   7      
    10     11            
13               14
  16               17
19             20      
    21     22       23    
24         25          
27             28          

2.town where Albert takes Thomas where they will sell wool (skins)
4.Where Red owns a ranch
5.plants that the cows ate when they 'escaped' that made them sick
7.Granite ______, one place he looked for his bear
8.They accused Thomas of ______ the reins to ride the horse in town
9.one of the men who was tracking Thomas back to his lodge
10.symbolic gesture Thomas performed to show he would abide by the rules (two words, no space)
12.who was responaible for the damange to the lodge (2 words, no space)
13.Part 2 of the book is called (2 words, no space)
16.month when Thomas ran away from the dorm after locking himself in his room
18.cobbler teacher (2 words, no space)
19.meat from sheep
20._________ Mountain, a place where Thomas looked for his bear
21.Smart alecky _________ tried to tease Thomas but he showed them by riding the horse
25.something Thomas made in cobbler class
27.they tried to teach Thomas how to plow the fields and make _______.
28.ground on which Thomas 'rode' the horses
29.color of hair of Dillon
30.what was left of his lodge
1.one of the men who was tracking Thomas back to his lodge
3.who came to Thomas on a moon-lit night that Thomas had to send away
7.another word for saddle horn
8.animal Albert raises
11.Thomas ________ the horses by riding them.
13.Looking ahead--Part 3 of the book is called (2 words, no space)
14.Albert _______ (two words, no space)
15.word for whip that Thomas made in cobbler class
17.$5 item Thomas saw in the window
18.language Thomas spoke when he returned to school
22.part of saddle missing from bronc saddle
23."Albert was a ______ old man. . ."
24.animals that Thomas 'watched'
25._______ Dance, celebration in late March
26.________ Mountain, a place where Thomas looked for his bear
28.name of one of the cowhands

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