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Chapter 3

1 2
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5     6                    
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            11 12

6.indicator of the proportion of reactants to one another and to the products in a reaction
7.measure of work
10.the process in which matter combines or breaks apart to produce new kinds of matter with different properties
14.separation of a molecule into two or more fragments,producing no new substance
15.energy of an object because of its motion
16.a table of metals, listed in the order of their ability to replace other metals while in solution
17.a symbolic method of indicating a chemical reaction
19.principle stating mass is neither created nor destroyed in chemical reactions
20.reaction where one element takes the place of another as part of a compound
1.chemical change in which a compound breaks down to form two or more simpler substances
2.principle stating energy can not be created or destroyed, but it can change form
3.term that indicates heat is released in a chemical reaction
4.combination of two or more substances to form a compound
5.compound containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms
8.substance that is a starting material before a chemical change
9.a reaction in which ions in two compounds "exchange partners" to form two new compunds
11.term that indicates heat is absorbed in a chemical reaction
12.exothermic reaction (burning) when a substance combines with oxygen
13.energy an object has because of its position
18.substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction

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