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The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn - Part 1


Inspired by the hit film!

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1.After Bella becomes immortal she will be a _______ vampire.
3.Bella's Father.
5.The Twilight film in which Jacob first becomes a werewolf. (2 Words)
7.The book that started it all...
10.Jacob does this to Bella's newborn child...
14.Bella gives birth to...
16.Bella's baby name if she has a boy... (2 Words)
18.Bella's relationship with Edward is most complicated because Edward is a...
20.Bella's vampire love. (2 Words)
22.Breaking Dawn is based from a...
23.Jacob's sidekick, and other half of the "two-man pack". (2 Words)
24.Jacob runs away from home after opening Bella's wedding....
2.Jacob Black is a...
4.Edward, Alice, and Esmee are all part of the ______ coven.
6.The Twilight film in which Victoria is finally finished off.
8.Bella is anxious as she awaits her _______ with Edward.
9.Jacob's Father. (2 Words)
10.Location of Bella and Edward's Honeymoon.
11.If you're not team Edward, than you're probably...
12.Seth's annoying sister.
13.Bella's best friend.
15.The last volume in The Twilight Saga is named... (2 Words)
17.A vampire's diet.
18.The vampire royalty that insisted Bella must become immortal...
19.The honeymoon is over when Bella discovers she is...
21.She protects Bella from anyone who wants to harm the baby.

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