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Wave Vocabulary


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1.Change in pitch, or frequency, of a sound that occurs when a source of sound is moving, the reciver of sound is moving, or both. (2 Words)
4.Time required to complete one periodic cycle of motion.
7.Highest point of a transvers wave
12.Material that transmits light striking it so that objects can be seen clearly through it
13.The bending of a wave around a barrier; also occurs when waves pass through a narrow opening
14.A mechanical wave in which the disterbance of the wave is parallel to the direction of travel (2 Words)
16.Amount of energy a sound waves carries; measured in decibels
20.The ability of an object to vibrate by absorbing energy at its natural frequency
22.Type of wave that must travel through a medium. (2 Words)
23.Measure of the energy carried by a wave, shown by the maximum distance a wave moves from equlibrium
24.The bending of a wave as it changes speed, moving from one medium to another
2.Waves created by vibrating electric charges; can travel through a medium or empty space. (2 Words)
3.The number of complete oscillations that a wave makes in one second; measured in Hertz
5.The least dense region of a compressional wave
6.Matter that a wave travels through
8.A mechanical wave in which particles move both parallel and perpendicular to the direction of travel (2 Words)
9.The frequency of a sound wave
10.Material that allows some light to to pass through
11.The distance between one point and the nearest point just like it on a wave
15.Material that absorbs or reflects light.
17.The change in direction of a wave, such as a light or sound wave, away from a boundary the wave encounters.
18.Unit of measure for sound level; also describes the scale of sound intensity
19.Lowest point of a transverse wave
21.A disterbance that carries energy through matter or space

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