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Keyboarding Terms

  6             7
10           11

1.a blinking symbol on the screen that shows where the next character will appear
3.a device that links your computer to other computers over telephone lines
4.system, utility, or application programs used by a computer to perform desired tasks
5.an error in a program that causes the program or computer system to perform unpredictability, generate incorrect results, or crash
6.an order given to a program by a user that begins, ends, or otherwise controls the ececution of a particular task
8.an on-screen symbol that represents a program, data file, or some other computer function
9.the main device located in the computer case that a computer uses to store information
10.machinery that recieves information from the computer and produces a paper copy of it
12.a piece of equipment used to enter information and instructions into the computer
1.a device that reads information stored on compact disks
2.a communication and data exchange system created by physically linking two or more computers through network interface cards and cables and by running a network opperating system
3.a hand-held device that controls the pointer on the screen
7.an on-screen display listing the available commands
9.the physical parts of a computer system, such as the keyboard, the disk drive, the monitor, and the internal electronic components
11.the computers primary working memory available to the user for temporarily storing promgram instructions and data so that they can be accessed by the CPU

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