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Habit 2 Begin with the end in mind

1 2
3 4              
          7 8

4.____ ___ with friends, or family members. The more ropes you have out the greater your chances for success.
10.This is like a tree with deep roots. It is stable and continually growing.
1.This is an ugly form of prejudice, it is negative and hurtful.
2.When you put your goal ahead of personal pleasures
3.When you write out your goal and put it in a visable place as a reminder.
5.A syndrome when you've made a mistake and give up on yourself.
6.The paths you choose now can affect you forever, so make good decisions in your _________ of life.
7.By using your five keys to goal setting, you can turn your weaknesses into ____
8.Going after your goal and trying your best.
9.When you work really hard for the wrong things and lose sight of who you really are.

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