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Musical Expression

Seward Montessori

Do you know the meaning of these musical terms?

1 2 3      
5             6
7 8         9      
  10   11        
    12 13   14 15   16      

2.a very slow tempo
4.a very fast tempo
5.A walking tempo
8.a person who writes music is called a .......
11.music that is played strongly or loud
15.gradually slowing down
18.suddenly forte
19.The way the notes are performed
20.growing gradually softer or smaller
1.Notes that are played connected or smoothly are called ...
3.a fast tempo
6.music that is played softly or quietly
7.the loudness or softness of the music
9.Notes that are played disconnected or bouncing are called .....
10.a slow tempo
11.louder than forte
12.medium loud music
13.quieter than piano
14.gradually speeding up
16.the speed of the beat
17.growing gradually louder

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