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Best Practices for Selecting & Sizing Guide Wheels


This crossword puzzle is based on the article "Best Practices for Selecting and Sizing Guide Wheels," which we feature on our website www.bwc.com.

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1.The linear systems should always have two of these types of wheels while the remaining guide wheels should be eccentric.
4.What determines the type of guide wheel bearing protection required?
6.This ensures a long life service and minimizes field failure.
11.Eccentric wheels eliminate clearance between wheels and track to allow for this.
12.Polymer wheels offer certain benefits, including this type of resistance.
14.A load type applied in a direction perpendicular to the axis of rotation.
2.These are swept away when the wheel passes over the track.
3.These types of loads on a wheel plate are forces that cause torque loading around the plate's coordinate axes.
5.The type of environment that tends to accommodate loud noise.
7.The 420 stainless steel contains just enough of this to limit corrosion.
8.This creates additional heat when the wheels roll across track.
9.What wheels offer chemical resistance, low friction and low noise but reduced load performance?
10.When selecting material for this component, it's important to specify a material softer than the wheels.
13.Load type applied in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation.

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