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Kasia Boyd

Communication, stress, relationships and mental health

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1.A "three C" of conflict resolution
4.Positive Stress
7.Exercising your body, having a nourished diet and getting enough sleep are is one of the ways to cop with stress
9.Feelings of sadness
10.The ability to share another persons feelings or thoughts
11.seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or feeling things that are not there
14.One of the three types of communication
16.A bond or connection between people
18.disease that can form from too much stress (2 Words)
19.Changing/ transforming unacceptable behaviors into acceptable ones
20.brother or sister
2.One indication of a good listener (2 Words)
3.A disease with extream mood swings
5.Message giving or receiving
6.The sign of stress, not eating, overeating, verbal outbursts, caffine, fidgeting (2 Words)
8.Close- 1.25- 2.5meters (2 Words)
12.1 in every 100 get this mental disorder
13.Blocking out thoughts about unpleasant things or experiences
15.Technique in active listening. asking them how they feel in this situation
17.System that is active during stress response

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