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Physical Health Crossword

Eddie Steffanni

2     3                             4  
6   7          
9   10 11      
17         18               19 20      
      22 23    

2.Starches compose of many monosaccharide molecules and are broken down by the body into two or more sugars (2 Words)
5.Essential mineral in our daily diet
7.Passes through the intestines and carries unwanted waste
12.Indicates that your body maintains a certain comfort zone (3 Words)
14.Ability to use energy at a higher rate when your body is at rest (2 Words)
16.When body responds to carbohydrates by turning that into this type of sugar
17.Tends to increase cholesterol level and the risk of heart disease (2 Words)
20.Recommended Dietary Allowance is assumed percentage for one average nonpregnant
21.Low density lipoproteins
23.High density lipoproteins
24.Source of calories that came from fat in a diet (2 Words)
25.Pattern of bingeing followed by self induced vomiting or laxative abuse with or without weight-loss
26.When body responds to sugar as with other carbohydrates by releasing this hormone to regulate the sugar
1.Protein that contains all amino acids (2 Words)
3.Only source your body has for nitrogen, which is needed for building new tissue
4.Amino acids that must come from the food people eat (3 Words)
6.Self-induced starvation resulting in extreme weight loss and is characterized by intense fear of gaining weight
8.Energy producers for the body
9.Organic substances the body needs to help regulate and cordinate the functions of the body
10.Does not tend to elevate cholesterol levels (2 Words)
11.Waxy substance that is carried around the body in the bloodstream by lipoproteins
13.Inorganic substances essential for your body to help form bones
15.Label means product has added vitamins above what it would have naturally
18.Chief component of every protein (2 Words)
19.When vitamins or minerals are added to the product after some of the nutrients have been removed during processing
22.Chain of fatty acids,long molecules of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

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