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Peritoneal Dialysis

Add a space between 2 words.

1                   2           3 4
8   9 10              
12                   13                  
  14   15                
16                                 17      
      18             19          
      21     22
  25           26   27                

1.A key element in the prevention of peritonitis
5.Contact the nephrologist if you first see this PD fluid
6.Tool used to draw a specimen from the Extra Capcity Bag
7.What colors are on the Stay Safe admission connection?
10.Substance absorbed from dialysis solution
12.After applying a mask, you need to ________ __________
13.Unknown PD admission: this stops the PD fluid from flowing
15.PD catheter
16.Nurse explains importance of exit site care to the patient
17.Color of the Fresenius Stay Safe extension tip
18.Touch contamination organism
20.Renal nurse professionals
23.2.5% and 4.25% Dextrose solutions are more ____________
24.Electrolye absorption and removal
25.Food at room temperature is a fluid
27.Blue tip PD extension with long clear tubing
28.How to clamp the Baxter discharge extension
29.Muscle metabolism
2.Needed to change an unknown PD admission
3.PD fluid is removed the most rapidly _____________ in the exchange.
4.Food high in phosphorus
8.PD filling fluid
9.Color of the body fluid culture tube cap
11.Cap used to discharge Fresenius PD patient
14.MH Peritoneal Dialysis Manufacturer
17.Food low in potassium
19.One cause of poor PD solution outflow
21.Water removal
22.PD drainage
24.PD exit site dressing is changed ___________.
26.Place PD drainage bag on a __________ on the floor

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