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Habit 4 Think win win

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3.This attitude is a double negative, and is also known as revenge. You become so caught up in making other people fail, that you begin to fail as well
6.This attitude believes that everyone can win. You care about yourself and others
8.This is one of the tumor twins, this is healthy when you use it to challenge yourself but becomes negative when you use it to place yourself above others
10.This attitude is a selfish attitude that gets ahead at the expense of others, and doesn't like to see others succeed
1.Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you won't find a win-win solution. Don't get upset just agree to disagree, this is also called _ ___ (hint: deal or _ ___)
2.This is competitions twin, this habit can keep you from reaching your own personal goals, because you are too busy worrying about others
4.It all begins with you, It is difficult to think win-win if you have not won the ____ victory first
5.The ____ of the win-win spirit is contagious, and helps everyone succeed
7.This attitude is also called "the doormat". This person is nice but doesn't stick up for themselves
9.True or false, developing a win-win attitude is easy

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