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Christianity - Chaper 13

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30             31          

1.The emerging version of Christianity that was deemed true by those with authority, and therefore accepted by the majority
5.Stories that Jesus used to cast important moral lessons
6.They were seen as successors to Jesus' Apostles
7.From the Greek meaning messenger
10.The promotion of worldwide Christian unity
13.A common Jewish religious perspective of Jesus' time, which held that the world had come under the control of evil forces
14.One of three person of the Trinity
15.These are people who choose to die rather than violate their religious convictions
17.These are reductions in or pardons of the punishment due for sins committed
21.The doctrine stating the God has already chosen those who will be saved from sin
22.Officials within the early Church who assisted the bishops
23.God's presence freely given
25.Aimed to update Church teaching to respond to the needs of the modern world and to promote Christian unity
26.A primary means for God's revelation of Christ, beginning with the Apostles and continuning in the present day through the Church
27.The leader of Catholicism
28.A collection of 27 writings that had been adopted by orthodox Christians as their primary sacred text
29.means "good news"
30.They helped the bishops, but were closer to the congregation at large
31.from the Greek ekklesia meaning "assembly"
2.Humanity's state of moral and spiritual corruption
3.A widespread phenomenon in the 16th century Europe that resulted in the emergance of Protestantism from Catholicism
4.Sects whose theological opinions were denounced as erronrous by orthodox Christians
8.A core Christian doctrine stating that God consists of three Persons
9.This process began in 1545 that clarified Church doctrines and cleaned up corrupt practices
11.The largest of the three major divisions of Christianity
12.Holy Communion
16.A short statement of Christian belief that set forth the foundations of the central doctrines of the Incarnation and the Trinity
18.Also called Parousia, Greek for "presence"
19.Christianity's most important creedal statement
20.Asserts that Christ is both fully divine and fully human
24.means "rule" or "standard"

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