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Mercury and Venus

John and Kody

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2.Venus' plains are covered in ____ and mountains with craters
7.Venus rotates _____ to west.
8.Venus no moons or _____.
9.Venus has a _____ swirling cioud cover.
10.Venus is the _____ planet from the sun.
11.Mercury is about the size of ______ ______.
16.Mercury is the ______ planet in the solar system.
18.Mercury ______ or turns every 58.9 days.
1.Venus has _____ plains.
3.Mercury has no _____.
4.If ______ had a twin it would Venus.
5._______ _______ discovered Mercury in 1610
6.Earth and Venus are simular in size, mass, ___, and distance from the sun.
9.Mercury has the ________ range of 800.6-361 degrees F
12.Mercury _______ around the sun.
13.Venus is the ____ planet in the solarsystem.
14.Although Mercury is the closest planet to the sun it isn't the ________.
15.Mercury is the _____ planet from the sun.
17.It rotates or turns on its _____.

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