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Ocular Anatomy

Dr. Colburn

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2.What is responsible for the innervation of the lens?
4.Where are the corneal epithelial stem cells located?
6.What is the name for the cysts found in paraffin sections of the peripheral retina at the ora serrata?
7.What happens to Bowman's layer after injury?
10.Axons of what cells form the nerve fiberf layer of the retina?
13.What is the blood supply of the intracanalicular part of the optic nerve?
14.An aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery could effect which cranial nerve?
15.Which wall of the orbit is thickest and strongest?
17.Which bone makes up the largest portion of the medial wall?
18.What numerical denomination is used for the number of axons that comprise the optic nerve?
19.What structure is fused with the conjunctiva for 2mm posterior to the limbus?
21.From which embryonic tissue is the corneal endothelium derived?
22.What forms the bulk of the iris stroma?
23.The infraorbital nerve is a branch of which division of CN V?
24.what structure lies where the gonioscopic slit beam converges to a point?
1.Because the optic nerve is developmentally part of the brain, what type of cells surround its fibers?
3.What muscle arises from the orbital floor just lateral to the opening of the nasolacrimal canal?
4.What bone forms the anterior lacrimal crest?
5.What CN has the longest intracranial course?
8.Where is the cornea normally steepest?
9.What bone forms the posterior lacrimal crest?
11.What is the name given to a small, but otherwise normal globe?
12.What arises from the Annulus of Zinn?
16.What connects the basal cell layer of the corneal epithelium to its basement membranes?
20.What, other than the lateral rectus muscle, does CN VI innervate?

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