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Osteopathy puzzled

Anna Nikova

A crossword that brushes the osteopath's knowledge about anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology, and of course OSTEOPATHY!

1 2 3 4           5                          
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          9 10                                              
11                                               12                      
            17 18       19                    
      23                   24   25                        
      26       27                          
      29             30                
                      35       36          
        39     40                    
                    41                 42
48                   49                            

4.a mild form of a condition in which a part of a vertebra has not completely closed
10.compression of the nerves, arteries, and veins in the lower neck and upper chest
11.system regulating blood pressure and fluid balance
13.mucous-releasing cells
14.bone, Greek
15.the endocrine region of the pancreas
17.s2-3-4 keep the... from the floor
19.osteopathic technique for manipulation of the upper thoracic spine
21.communicating arteries in the base of the brain
23.Osteopath's first and last lesson, according to A.T.Still
24.a condition caused by inflammation of the fifth metatarsal bone
27.passage way for the ulnar nerve
30.a hormone involved in childbirth and sexual intercourse
32.according to A.T. Still, the osteopath's surgeon uses the...
34.the 10th G.O.T. principle
35.innermost layer of the meninges
37.a technique devised by J.M.Littlejohn, T. E. Hall and J. Wernham
38.c3-4-5, keep the... alive
40.a somatotype reffering to a muscular composition
41.gland that lies in sella turcica
43.the largest muscle of the body
44.an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, and the meniscu
45.cells forming bone
46.pathway delivering temperature information
47.principle using components in compression and tension
48.a neural pathway which doesn't involve higher centers
49.post-ganglionic neurotransmitter
1."kidney dysfunction->back pain" is what kind of lesion?
2.first and most important step of an osteopathic examination
3.star-shaped glial cells in the brain and spinal cord
5.an osteopathic manipulation aiming to find an equity in the soft tissues supporting a joint
6.understanding of reality in terms of integrated wholes whose properties cannot be reduced to those of smaller units
7.an anterior or posterior displacement of a vertebra
8.Osteopathic technique to gap joints
9.treatment of the whole through the part
10.a focus of hyperirratibility in a tissue
12.a valid excuse why the patient is crying after a treatment
16.a possible cause of pain in the chest, left: shoulder, jaw and elbow
18.a possible reason for muscle hypertonia, spasm, clonus
20.motion, driven by variations in the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid system
22.inflammatory disease of joints and organs
25.a type of contraction of a muscle in which there is a lenghtening
26.taking into consideration the patients body, mind, spirit and environment
28.a technique, based on reciprocal inhibition
29.bony lips in the cervical vertebrae
33.osteopaths' greatest enemy
36.a positive for cholecystitis
39.connective tissue, wrapping bodily structures
42.Smallest bone of the human body

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