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External Disease and Cornea

Dr. Colburn

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2.What sign of keratoconus is characterized by indentation of the lower eyelid by the cornea in downgaze?
3.Degeneration with characteristic thinning in the lucid area posterior to corneal arcus.
5.What are splits in Descemet's membrane which occur in congenital glauoma?
7.What type of polymorphonuclear leukocytes are usually present in the conjunctival epithelium of patients with vernal conjunctivitis?
9.Ring consisted of copper deposits in Descemet's membrane and is found in Wilson's disease.
11.Disease associated with a deficiency in the enzyme alpha-galactosidase.
12.What is a classic slit lamp finding of staphylococcal blepharitis?
16.What layer of the cornea do you find the lipid that causes arcus senilis?
18.What systemic disease may be associated with Cogan's syndrome?
21.Regressed limbal follicles leaving depressed scars found in patients with trachoma.
23.Name of this foamy white leasion found at the limbus found in association with vitamin A deficiency.
25.What should always be on the differential of ocular surface inflammation in patients that have been using topical medications?
29.One of the nodes to which the lymphatics from the eye drain.
33.What ocular structure forms the mucous layer of tears?
35.What are the eosinophilic intranuclear inclusion bodies of HSV epithelial infection called?
36.What is the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide?
37.The sign in patients with HZO with characteristics of vesicles at the tip of the nose.
39.What glands form the oil layer of tears?
40.Type of cell that consist of phagocytosed debris found in the conjunctival stroma in patients with trachoma.
41.What connective tissue disorder is characterized by sicca and anti-SSA and anti-SSB autoantibodies?
1.Melanin deposits oriented vertically on the endothelium found in pigment dispersion syndrome.
2.What is a peripheral ulcerative keratitis cause by ischemic necrosis from vasculitis of limbal vessels?
4.Iron deposit on the cornea in front of a pterygium.
6.What is the best slit lamp technique to see Hassall-Henle bodies?
8.What are the horizontal lines in the corneal epithelium that are associated with old age?
10.What is defined as increased variability of corneal endothelial cell size?
13.What drop should be used to differentiate episcleritis from scleritis?
14.What is the most common corneal lipid deposition condition?
15.What is a focal lymphocytic nodule lying on the limbus representing a cell-medicated hypersensitivity reaction to staph?
17.What syndrome is characterized by leukemia, lymphoma, or sarcoidosis causing enlargement of the lacrimal and or salivary glands and aqueous tear deficiency?
19.What does the material found in corneas with lattice dystrophy consist of?
20.Where does herpesvirus reside while in a latent nonpathologic state prior to reactivation in the eye?
22.What cranial nerve is tested by corneal esthesiometry?
24.White spots composed of eosinophils at the limbus of patients with vernal conjunctivitis.
26.Tiny dot and comma shaped opacities in the deep corneal stroma compsed of lipofuscin are known as what?
27.What is the name for a circular pattern of nonsuppurative stromal keratitis?
28.What is the only bacteria causing conjunctivitis that comonly produce preauricular lymphadenopathy and conjunctival membranes?
30.What is the name for subconjunctival scarring along the upper tarsal plate seen in trachoma?
31.Name of an iron deposit in the cornea near a filtering bleb.
32.What is the name given to the loss of eye lashes?
34.What layer of the cornea is invaded and destroyed by pterygia?
38.What percentage of patients with gonococcal conjunctivitis will also have concurrent chlamydial venereal disease?

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