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  5 6            
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2.____ development is the development of a persons ability to move.
3.This is the percentage added to the cost of an item as taxes in Ontario.
5.Form of abuse that occurs when someone is pushed, shoved or hit.
9.When a couple lives together but are not married they are known as being this after 6 months.
11.Your ____ (three letters) can indicate if you are overwieght, underweight or a proper weight.
13.Inorder to control your spending you should create a ______.
14.Rice is considered to be partof this food group.
18.Children often act out to get ________.
19.When going grocery shopping, you should never go while you are____.
20.Someones ____ ____ can be effected when they are constantly told they are no good or useless.
21.You should being doing this for at least 30 minutes every day to stay healthy.
23.When planning a meal toeat or a weekly menu, you need to consider the ___ ___ ___.
27.____ development is the development of a persons ability to talk with others.
28.Your _____ can influence how you raise your children, your belief system as well as your food choices.
29.Unfortunatly this has become very common amongst children and young adults. It is classifed as someone frequently being abused or made fun of by another.
30.____ development is the development of a persons sence of right and wrong.
1.Social networks such as ______ has made it easier for bullies to attact their victims.
4.When two families come together through marriage it is known as a _____ family.
6.After an abusive situation, typically a relationship will enter this next phase.
7.When someone is very overweight they are classified as being _______.
8.What should you to do a bully if they are bothering you?
10.A type of communicaton that can express your opinion in a respectful but strong type of way.
12.A disorder when someone starves themself
15.When renting an apartment, sometimes these can be included. (Water, heat and hydro are examples)
16.Finding the price of one item in a package when shopping in the grocery store is known as this.
17.____ development is the development of a persons smarts.
22.The term given to a loan provided to purchase a home.
24.Type of family that has two parents and children living at home.
25.If you eat more of these then required in a day, you may start to gain weight.
26.When talking to your parents you need to talk like an _____ to be treated like an ______.

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