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Unit III : Solubility Equilibrium

Syra Dhaliwal

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6.when the concentration is expressed "moles/litre" (2 Words)
7.Ksp is called the (3 Words)
8.one important use of solubility is in the feild of (2 Words)
9.the lowering of the solubility of a salt by adding a second salt which has one ion "in common" with the first salt is called (3 Words)
11.exsits when [A] some undissolved material is present and [B] equiibrium exsists between the dissolved an the undissolved material
12.refers to the fact that the only way to get rid of the offending Ca[2+]&Mg[2+] ions is to carry out a precipitation reaction (2 Words)
13.all that can be done (2 Words)
14.the amount of galss which dissolves in water can be neglected and glass is said to be _____ _______ in water. (2 Words)
1.every reaction which produces a preciptate will be a ____ ______ ______. (3 Words)
2.unreacted ions shown on the product side (2 Words)
3.balanced chemical equation in which all the reactants and products are given by their chemical formulae (2 Words)
4.compound may dissolve SLIGHTLY, such that the amount which dissolves is extremely small but cannot be neglected. (2 Words)
5.a substance which dissolves to give an electrically conducting solution containing ions.
10.process in which a measured amount of a solution is reacted when a known volume of another solution until the desired point is reasched.

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