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Northern Ireland: An Old Conflict


The conflict between Catholics and Protestants

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2.Violence began in N. Ireland as Catholic and Protestant ____ took advantage of the situation.
5.Demonstrations started out peaceful, but became ___________
6.An extremist or terrorist group who are mainly Catholic contributed to the violence in N. Ireland (3 Words)
8.In Northern Ireland, the _________are the majority (+)
9.In Northern Ireland, these people faced discrimination, held little power and political opportunities
10.In the 60's Catholics started to _____ to put an end to discrimination in voting, employment and housing.
13.These group of people controlled all aspects of the government in Norther Ireland.
16.The large acts of violence between Catholics and Protestants are considered acts of _____.
17.The conflict between the Catholics and Protestants take place in____.
1.On a daily basis, assassinations, ____ ___ & attacks on British troops happened. (2 Words)
3.The British police were given ____ ___, so they could hold people that they think are terrorist or hold courts without a jury for any charge of terrorism (2 Words)
4.To return N. Ireland back to a peaceful country, ____ ____ were sent in 1969 (2 Words)
7.The I.R.A. spread violence beyond or pass the Irish ______.
11.To lessen the conflict the government partitioned or _____Ireland.
12.The leader at the time _____ all radio and television that would show support of terrorist groups
14.Another goal of the I.R.A. was to _________ the two Irelands
15.The I.R.A. wanted to get rid of the __________ troops in Northern Ireland.

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