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Kim Cusick

Basic terms used in ceramics

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3.flat fired clay piece, can be mounted on a wall
6.clay firing over 1140 degrees C
8.first firing of a ceramic piece
9.made of slabs of clay
10.draw into clay with a sharp instrument
13.to push something into clay to make texture or patterns
16.a very high firing clay
17.has length and width
18.to impress an object into clay,
20.low firing clay
23.used to ensure clay is evenly rolled
25.used for cutting out a specific shape
26.has length, width and depth
1.equipment used to fire ceramics, glass and metal
2.to change clay to ceramic
4.fitting for an extruder
5.formed using fingers and thumb
7.tool used to shape clay for slabs
11.shape clay into a 3D form
12.another name for a glaze type firing
14.formed by hand and wooden tools
15.material for joining and/ or decorating clay
19.detailed rendering,showing line, tones etc usually with pencil, charcoal,crayon
20.equipment used to form clay using a die
21.a method, formed clay using coils
22.quick drawing used to visually present an idea
24.a flat piece of clay, rolled or slapped out

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