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Funeral Service Counseling

Erin Anderson

Review for Friday's test. Enjoy!

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11.Grief ---specialized techniques which are used to help people with complicated reactions (Worden).
13.Recognizes others' right to choose and make decisions.
14.a STYLE of counseling where the counselor takes a more passive role, reflecting back clients own reactions and feelings (Rogers).
15.The study of death.
18.Grief --- that involves helping people with uncomplicated grief to a healthy completion of the grieving within a reasonable length of time.
19.Accepting the reactions of people under grief and emotional stress.
20.After receiving the death call, one licensee would be responsible for the family from start to finish.
23.one engaged in a learned profession, conforms to ethical and technical standards.
26.The fear of death
27.Intervention with people whose needs are so specific that usually they can only be met by specially trained physicians or psychologists. The practitioners in this field need special training because they often work with deeper levels of consciousness.
29.one who takes care or is concerned about someone or something.
32.a TYPE of counseling where the counselee shares a body of information with a counselor (Pre-need).
33.defines counseling as therapeutic experience for reasonably healthy persons, not to be confused with psychotherapy; referred for assistance with pathological problems; Encouraged to seek assistance before developing serious neurotic or psychotic problems.
34.Tell the truth, free from deception, marked by integrity
1.Defines counseling to be good (free) communication between men is always therapeutic.
2.Counseling before death occurs, designated to create a more meaningful and personal funeral service.
3.Dress, demeanor, manner of conversation, the ways you conduct yourself, state of being.
4.defines counseling as advice given as a result of consultation.
5.An emotion due to loss, (death, job, relationships)
6.a STYLE of couseling where the counselor takes a live speaking role, asking questions, suggesting courses of action.
7.defines counseling as any time someone helps someone else with a problem.
8.rather than whole man total funeral concept, more than one person with specialized skills and knowledge would perform their specific tasks and be done.
9.counseling after the funeral
10.The experience of the emotion of grief.
12.defines counseling as a helping relationship in which one party seeks to facilitate the development of informed choices and meaningful actions at a a critical time within the context of another's life.
16.Death has occured, counseling with family as they select services and merchandise for the funeral.
17.Licensed professional by the state to prepare dead human remains other than embalming, for internment or other means of disposition, the person who directs funerals, counsels with survivors.
21.Ability to present oneself genuinely.
22.The study of human behavior.
24.a TYPE of counseling related to a specific situation in life that may create crisis and produce pain and suffering; deals with specific and significant feelings by said crisis.
25.A process (adjustment) takes place over a period of time; helps with reorganization of life.
28.Not two faced, belief in what you say, honesty of the mind, freedom from hypocrisy.
30.The capacity to understand, enter into and share feelings of others.
31.A keen sense of knowing what to say or do in order to retain good relations with others and avoid offense.

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