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Habit 6 Synergize

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3.This diversity's profile believes that everyone has the right to be different, but their moto is "you keep to yourself and I'll keep to myself"
4.This diversity's profile is afraid of differences, they often join gangs, cliques, or anti-groups
7.Synergy is about celebrating _______
10.In the getting to synergy action plan your first step is to define the problem or ________
11.This roadblock means your clueless to other's feelings
14.This roadblock occurs when you label and pre-judge others
15.Synergy takes teamwork and each member plays an important role. This team member is sure and steady and sticks to a job until it's finished
16.When two or more people work together to make a better solution than either could alone
1.This diversity's profile values differences, they don't have to agree with all the differences, but they value them
2.In this step of the synergy action plan you are creating new options and ideas
5.Geese use synergy by flying in a V formation, they honk to ______ each other, and watch out for the wounded
6.We aren't born with prejudices, they are _____
8.We are all very different. You have to learn to _____ your own diversity and value others
9.This roadblock becomes a problem when your group of friends reject and discriminate against others
12.True or false, synergy means you can do it alone
13.It's much easier to appreciate differences when we realize we are all a _____ of one

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