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1 2
3     4                 5       6 7
9   10            
      11     12              
  13         14          
        16             17
  18   19   20        
      22         23 24  
        25               26 27
32                 33          

3.identifies the number and element of each type of atom in a compound
12.substance when more than one element is chemically bonded together
14.most of the elements on the periodic table are these
15.Bond where atoms "share" electrons with another atom
16.element with the atomic number of 34
20.an alloy made by combining iron and carbon
21.indicates the charge of an atom when an electron is gained, lost or shared
22.the largest amount of electrons the 2nd energy level of an atom can hold
25.element that has 11 electrons
28.has 6 valence electrons and 16 protons
29.These elements do not react or bond with other elements
30.element which has an atomic mass of 63.54
31.This family all have 7 valence electrons
32.a material that slows or stops the flow of heat or electricity
33.a row in the periodic table
1.Bond where atoms "transfer" electrons to other atoms
2.the electrons found in the outermost shell of an atom
4.metal that is in liquid state at room temperature
5.These touch the staircase in the periodic table and have properties of metals and nonmetals
6.last element in the fourth period
7.Atoms that gain electrons and have a negative charge
8.NaCl is an example of a chemical ________________
9.number of protons in the nucleus of an atom is also know as this
10.elements that are poor conductors of heat and electricity
11.Atoms that lose electrons and have a positive charge
13.elements located in the first group on periodic table
17.elements that are typically shiny and good conductors of heat and electricity
18.a material that allows heat and electricity to flow thorugh easily is known as a(n)
19.The outermost energy shell of an atom
23.Atoms with either a (+) or (-) eletrical charge
24.Period 4, group 13
26.a group of atoms held together by a covalent bond is this (water is an example)
27.a column in the periodic table

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