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Nicole S, Emily S, Lindsay L.

  3 4  
6                           7  
          8 9
  10   11              
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23                   24  

1.Germany's time zone is about ____ hours later than North America
6.The most popular religion in Germany is ______
11.The drinking age in Germany is ______
13.Dark breads are popular in Germany - this main ingridient of one type of dark bread is grown in the north of Germany
15.Always make sure _____ is left on your plate when you're done eating
16.A popular side choice in Germany is potato pancakes, aka _____
17.The love cake of Germany
19.Germans greet each other with a firm _______
20.Titles are important, and are used until invited to use ______
21.The climate of Germany is _____
23.A common breakfast choice in Germany
26.The main agricultural products of the Northern Lowlands of Germany
27.The culture that occupied France as well as Germany that brought to Germany a liking for pork
28.Germany is maintained on the ______ ages
29.School is challenging sometimes, due to a lot of _____
1.France occupied Germany while Napoleon was in power - the German desert that resembles a French crepe is ______
2.Proper table manners are used, so no ______ on the table
3.The western part of Germany grows a lot of fruit used to make this alcoholic drink not usually associated with Germany
4.This dessert was named for the wooded region in the southwest of Germany
5.When visiting, always bring a ______, like chocolate, flowers, or wine
7.A neighboring country that broke away from Germany in 1499 that shares with Germany the use of cabbages, potatoes, and barley
8.Tobacco is sometimes grown on this half of the country
9.The best known German food specialty
10.A common beverage served at meals in Germany
12.This form of preservation used by Ancient Romans is still popular in Germany
14.The main agricultural products of the Southern Highlands of Germany
18.Planning is very important, never be early or _____
22.One of the most common meats eaten in Germany
24.It's difficult for a teen to get a _____ in Germany
25.The flatter land on this half of Germany is good for growing barley

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