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1                 2           3
4 5           6              
7       8  
  10 11          
        12     13    
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19         20    

1.which the appoint is equal to the same thing as an agreement
5.is proteced by the government so one can not find out
9.the amout of lumslump of money you recive each year
14.an increse in the capicaticy on one
16.this is where consumers have the right to do what thet plese as, or, for goods
21.social secruity
22.government reduces the work to help outlower clasee people
23.an economic system that is made for the public and competion
24.where every get some green
25.is a measure of efficinty production
2.an absent of one's person
3.the privarcy of private rights to one
4.Whom to produce? When to produce? Why to Produce it?
6.is at term used in economics and private debates
7.the concept of one econimic theory fails as, a result of selfness
8.a rule or law enforce by the government to make sure evey is equal
10.Is a combinations of the various agencies
11.a thouught by ones person belief
12.makingusage and knowlege of tools
13.A competive thing that allows a person to win, Ex. Football, a game
15.An ecomony where supply and regulation are supply
17.measure by real income for a person
18.ensurses that the land can can be paid as dedutiable
19.goods that are non-rival and non-excluded
20.a system were you are in to one sytem like command but can also do something else

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