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E1 Final Exam Review

By Ms. Iocco

1               2     3
4   5     6   7      
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      16                     17 18
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  28         29  
30                 31   32            
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35           36            
41             42                  

1._______________________ means exceeding what is required; excess.
5.____________________________ means holding fast or being persistent.
8._____________________________ means overly self-important; conceited.
9.________________________ means never stopping or going all the time.
14.___________________________ means to mislead or deceive.
15."Jumbo shrimp," is an example of _____________________________.
16.__________________________ means occurring or happening after death.
20.An _________________________ is an exaggerated statement used for emphasis
21.__________________________ means overly neat or formal.
22.________________________ is repeated consonant sounds at the beginning or within words
25.___________________________ means determined in advance by destiny or fortune.
26._________________________ means to have overcome with fear, intimidated, discouraged.
27.____________________________ means a person who takes part in a crime.
30.___________________________ means very brave or fearless.
32.__________________________ means to hold back or ruin.
33."The sky is crying," is an example of ___________________________.
35.______________________________ means careless or hasty.
39._________________________ means bitterly sarcastic.
41.__________________________ means to make up for.
42._____________________________ means slavery or forced labor.
43.___________________________ means to make right or correct.
44._________________________ means sad or dreary.
2._________________________ is the use of words that mimic sounds
3.__________________________ means easy to understand; clear.
4.An _________________________ is a figure of speech that puts two opposite terms together in the same phrase
6._________________________ means a lack of government or law; confusion.
7.___________________________ means complicated or difficult to understand.
9.____________________________ means not having life.
10.A __________________________ is a phrase whose meaning cannot be determined from the meaning of the words that make it up.
11._________________________ means to cut down with an ax or to hold to.
12.________________________ is giving human characteristics to a non-human thing
13."Buzz," "Meow," and "Bang," are examples of ______________________________.
17._________________________ means to run off and hide.
18."She saw a sweet sweater at the store," is an example of __________________________.
19._____________________________ means given to fighting or active in supporting a cause.
23.__________________________ means to give way or yield.
24."It's raining cats and dogs," is an example of an ____________________________.
28."The sun is a yellow lemon," is an example of ________________________.
29.A _________________________compares two unlike things WITHOUT using like or as
31.I haven't eaten since two; I'm starving to death!" is an example of _________________________.
34.__________________________ means a temporary relief or delay.
35.__________________________ means to take the place of.
36."The sun is like a yellow lemon," is an example of ________________________.
37.__________________________ means frightful looking.
38.__________________________ means any state of being held down or bound.
40.A _________________________ compares two unlike things using like or as

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