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Understanding Interior Design


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4.This woman is considered the first "interior decorator"
9.Outlines the broad-based requirements of a interior design project
10.This part of the design process requires an immense amount of contemplative thought
12.This phase of a project allows the designer to document the design decisions made in the previous design phases, prepares working drawings, plans and elevations
16.American Society of Interior Designers
19.This person generally works with architects and designers to produce the mechanical, electical, plumbing, and structural drawings for a building
21.Post Occupancy Evaluation
23.The famous architect who brought to the profession the integration of structure and design
24.A pleasant and appealing environment the second goal of an interior space
25.The phase of a design project where designers formulate preliminary broad-based concepts
26.A plan that designers follow to ensure crative and comprehensive design solutions that satisfy the client needs and desires while meeting the goals of interior design
27.National Council for Interior Design Qualification
29.He was a man who advocated "good design for everyone" was a leader in the Arts and Crafts Movement
30.International Interior Design Association
31.A true blend of art and science
1.Furniture, furnishing and equipment
2.Usually the most rewarding phase of the design process, all of the design decisions become real as the walls are built,systems are installed FF&E is placed
3.This type of designer restores and preserves a historic structure as it was in the past
5.This phase of a design project focuses on discovery
6.Design specialization for spaces where people work or simply "public spaces"
7.The creative phase of a design project - all furniture, fabrics, finishes, hardware, and lighting are selected
8.Design that involves private living quarters or homes
11.Quality design is not ________
13.Quality design is __________ (think of a clock, or not)
14.Early decorator and expert in French furniture
15.A tool in the design process that helps the designer and the client visualize the requirements of the space
17.Author of "Hints on Household Taste" - one of the first books on interior decoration
18.Famous architect who coined the term "Less is More"
20.This is the information gathering phase of a design project
22.The final phase of of the design process. Often called postoccupancy evaluation. The designer and client evaluate the effectiveness of the design decisions
28.Council for Interior Design Accreditation

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