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Mountain Building

A.E. Tweed

This puzzle is for the Earth Science Mountain Building unit.

1 2           3        
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  13                       14

2.process of folding, faulting, shearing, compression, or extension of rocks
4.reverse fault with a dip less than 45 degrees (2 Words)
6.process of establishing new level of gravitational equilibrium (2 Words)
9.large steplike fold in otherwise horizontal sedimentary strata
11.fault along which the movement is horizontal and parallel to the trend of the fault (3 Words)
12.valley formed by the downward displacement of a fault-bounded block
13.fault in which the rock above the fault plane has moved down relative to the rock below (2 Words)
15.processes that collectively result in the formation of mountains
16.chrustal fragments colliding with and staying connected to continental plate
17.elongated, uplifted block of crust bounded by faults
18.fold in sedimentary rock resembling an arch
1.mountain formed when large blocks of crust are tilted, uplifted, or dropped between large normal faults (3 Words)
3.mass of sediment that accumulates in subduction zones (2 Words)
5.force per unit area acting on a solid
7.change in shape of volume of a body of rock as a result of strain
8.crustal block bounded by faults whose geological histroy is distinct from adjoining crustal blocks
10.mountain created primarily by compressional stresses (2 Words)
11.linear downfold in sedimentary strata
14.concept that Earth's crust is floating in gravitational balance upon the mantle

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