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The Lord's Prayer - #1

Vicar C. Schopp

All answers can be found in Luther's Small Catechism

1 2
3 4 5 6                
13       14                      
    15 16                      
  18               19 20       21  

6.The Introduction: To whom the prayer is addressed; another name for this prayer as well
8.Second Petition Explanation: The kingdom of God comes by itself without ____
10.The Introduction Explanation: Because He is our Father we can ask Him with ____
11.The Conclusion: And the ___ forever and ever
12.Third Petition Explanation: He breaks and hinders every _____ of the devil
13.First Petition Explanation: God's name is kept holy when the Word of God is taught in its ____
16.Sixth Petition Explanation: We pray that God would _____ us
17.Second Petition: Thy ___ come
18.The Conclusion Explanation: These petitions are ____ to our Father
20.Fifth Petition Explanation: We are not ___ of the things for which we pray
22.Sixth Petition: ___ not into temptation
23.Sixth Petition Explanation: God ___ no one
1.Third Petition Explanation: The _______ will of God is done even without our prayer
2.Seventh Petition: ___ us from evil
3.First Petition Explanation: Anyone who teaches contrary ____ the name of God
4.Fifth Petition Explanation: Because God has done this, we do it to others
5.Fourth Petition Explanation: We pray to realize this and to receive it with ___
7.Fourth Petition: What does God give us?
9.Fourth Petition Explanation: Daily bread includes everything to support the ____
13.Fifth Petition: We ask god to forgive our ___; another word for sin
14.First Petition: ____ be thy name; means "regarded as holy"
15.Third Petition: _____ be done
19.Seventh Petition Explanation: We pray that our Father in heaven would ____ us from every evil
21.First Petition Explanation: God's name is certainly ____ in itself

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