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How well do you know Tori Spelling?

Darren Martin

A fun puzzle for fans of Tori Spelling. Try and finish it all without the help of Google :)

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26                   27                            
28         29       30   31  
32           33    
  34   35               36              
          40     41    
42                 43   44    
47               48   49            

1.What breed of dog was Mimi LaRue?
4.What is Tori's brother's name?
6.What was the name of Tori's nanny growing up?
8.What is the name of Tori's second memoir?
13.Tori's name appears as Tori Spelling-McDermott in this 2007 TV movie co-starring her husband Dean
15.Tori's character's profession in the movie Trick
16.As a child Tori said if she couldn't be an actress, she'd do this profession
17.Tori has said her favorite color is this shade of green?
18.What was Tori's character's first name on "Saved by the Bell"?
19.Name of the all-girls school Tori attended high school at
23.Tori played this villain on Smallville (2 words)
26.Growing up Tori admitted to having a crush on this celebrity
27.Tori played a modern day Scrooge in this Hallmark TV movie (3 words)
28.Tori's first memoir "_____ Telling"
34.Tori starred opposite Parker Posey in what 1997 Indie film? (4 words)
37.The name of Tori's upcoming book on party planning is titled this
38.The name of Tori's online blog is called this
39.Tori's good friends Bill & Scout are commonly known as "The _______"
40.Tori & Dean met on the set of "Mind Over ______"
42.The name of Tori's store in Los Angeles is called this
45.Tori's pet Coco is a _______
46.Tori's Father Aaron hailed from this State
47.What is the name Tori short for?
49.Donna's last name changed to this in the series finale of "Beverly Hills, 90210"
50.Tori's son Liam's middle name
1.Donna jeopardized graduation by showing up drunk at what school event?
2.Tori was born on May 16th, making her what astrological sign?
3.Tori's character's name in Trick
5.Finish this chant "Donna Martin _________!"
7.Tori starred opposite 7th Heaven's Barry Watson in this CBS TV movie (3 words)
9.Tori idolizes this woman, domestic diva, ______ _______
10.In Season 2 of "Beverly Hills, 90210", Donna went as this for Halloween
11.Tori saw Jason Priestely on this television comedy and suggested her Father cast him as Brandon on 90210 (2 words)
12.Tori played waitress Jill on her brother's television show "______ ______"
14.When Donna went to Paris for the summer, she got a job as a _____
20.Tori spotted Shannen Doherty in this black comedy and suggested her Father cast her as Brenda on 90210
21.Liam, Stella and Hattie's nanny's name is this
22.Tori guest starred as herself in 2 episodes of this 1990's NBC sitcom starring Mayim Bialik
24.Name of the high school the "Beverly Hills, 90210" gang attended (2 words)
25.Tori played a member of the Red Feathers in this 1989 comedy starring Shelley Long (3 words)
29.Tori's gay husband, Mehran, was portrayed by who in "So Notorious"?
30.Tori's cult-classic TV movie "Mother, May I Sleep with ______"
31.Tori's character Molly's profession on the TV series "The Help" was a ___ ______ (2 words)
32.Tori's third memoir was titled "Uncharted _________"
33.Tori played champion down-hill skier Marti Gerrard in the ABC TV movie
35.Tori sang this song on the Trick Soundtrack
36.Tori's first TV movie "A ______ to Die For"
40.What is Donna's middle name on Beverly Hills, 90210?
41.What is Tori's middle name?
43.What country is Dean from?
44.What was Donna's Mother's name on "Beverly Hills, 90210"
48.How many years was the original "Beverly Hills, 90210" on the air?

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