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Test Your Cardiac Knowledge !!!

Brianne Sweeney & Annette Young

February is Cardiac Teaching Month at PMH. Complete this test and return to Bri or Annette's box by the end of Feb and recieve a treat!! (probably not a heart healthy one!)

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3.a recording of the hearts electrical activity (abbreviation)
6.body's main artery, rises in the left ventricle & carries blood from heart to rest of body
7.a vasodialator that opens blood vessels to improve blood flow, used to treat angina
8.the cardiac pacemaker
11.the amount of blood in the ventricles just prior to systole
14.a large vessel that is the primary supplier of blood to a whole body area
15.biomarker of choice for detecting heart damage, protein released by heart following heart attack
16.the coronary sinus empties blood into this chamber
17.small, oxygen binding protein found in heart and skeletal muscles
1.ultrasound scanning of the heart, provides detailed info about hearts structure and function
2.main vessel supplying blood to the left side of the heart
4.a hollow muscular organ, the pump of the circulatory system.
5.a lower than normal amount of potassium in the blood
8.the amount of blood that is ejected with each heartbeat
9.this valve separates the left atrium from the left ventrical
10.between 30-40% of deaths from CAD can be attributed to this.
12.horemone in your blood which is made by your heart, shows how well your heart is working (abbrev)
13.Patients with CHF should be encouraged to _______ themselves daily.

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